Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wyoming Wildlife

Wyoming Wildlife has just published a Special Photo Issue composed of photos from the 2009 Wyoming Wildlife Photo Contest. While these photos weren't the contest winners, there are some wonderful photos here, and I am very pleased to have two photos included.

The first photo is of two sandhill cranes. The photo was taken north of Ralston late one afternoon in early April of 2009. A flock of cranes was feeding in a cornfield which bordered the road on both sides. Because the light was low, I was setting up a tripod for a shot. I was just starting to set up when the cranes took flight and flew overhead to settle on the other side of the road. I lifted the tripod and fired away as they flew over. I was fortunate that several shots turned out.

The second photo was taken on Polecat Bench north of Powell in February of 2009. It was a clear afternoon and a rough-legged hawk was perched on a fence post not far off the road. The light was perfect and the hawk gave me just enough time to get it in focus before it launched.

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